"A lot of people say they want to be great, but they’re not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve greatness."” - Kobe Bryant
Alyse Nichole

Alysę Nicholę

The L.A Boujie Queen

Alysę Nicholę is a recording artist from Inglewood, California, that has been musically intertwined since second grade when she sang a song about kittens for her class. Alyse has been performing ever since and uses music as her therapy and a way to send a message about who and what she stands for. In the year 2019, Alyse decided she would start to take music more seriously and develop herself as an artist. With her persistence and drive, Alyse created her top song H.A.H (Hating Ass Hoes), where she learned she loved rapping just as much as singing. Alyse Nichole has now put out 3 Ep's with the title names: J.O.I, Boujie Queen, & Bitch Stewie. She has also put out her new single " Round Of Applause" which is her staple single for being the New LA Rap Female Diva/MCEE. This now 22-year-old has graduated Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA with her 2023 class and has obtained a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship. She is bound for success with her musical talents, charm, and brains.

Live Performances

Press photos

Alysę Nicholę performs at Knockout Bar in Atlanta Georgia. 

Alysę Nicholę performs "Round Of Applause" On Rising Platform "SouthbySole". 

Alysę Nicholę debuts "Round Of Applause" at Westlake High school's Fashion show. 

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