From the recording Trip To The WEST

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Boy I'm hypnotized
Got me in a bind
The way you
Touch my mind
Our love is
Going blind
Going nice and slow
Make me
Curl my toes
Love it
When you grow
Come and put it on me
Baby do me like a pro
Rock my body right
Feel my grip its tight
Baby take your time
We goin be all night
I like your body
It's so smooth
The only man that I see is you
You got a nice collection of tattoos
Yeah, I wanna see how you do
See I ain't mean to do it, but I like you
If you ain't finna pin me down, I'ma fight you
I'ma cause a storm, gon' make a typhoon
I'm only going this crazy cause you my type boo

Boy, I'm hypnotized

Tell me all the ways that you wanna be touched
I wanna know the way you like to be loved
Do you wanna be kissed? Maybe some back rubs?
I could change your life by the grasp of my hug
I wanna give you every inch of me
How I act when I'm down or happy
I wanna know that you never leave
We building our home, planting our seeds

Boy, I'm hypnotized