From the recording Trip To The WEST


I'm from L.A. Of course when I hear
"Hey, where you from?
Fuck your dead homie"

'Its time to go'

I'm from L.A
I wouldn't wear that hat if I was you
We caught an enemy, blood
Ooh, fade, fade, fade

I'm from L.A
Of course I got me a Benz before I left my mama house
Mama I need a jump
Ma I need a jump, mama

I'm from L.A
Of course I got a rolli chain, but still stay at my mama's house
Hey, mama, let me use your car, I'm finna go to the hood

I'm from L.A
Hell yeah, fuck I with the mexicans
"Okay, so you want elote?"

"Nah, I don't know what that is
I want corn"

"Corn, elote
That's what I say"

"Oh, okay
Hell yeah, Me too"

"You want one?"
"Yeah, give me a raspado too, nigga"

"A raspado"




I'm from L.A
Of course I gotta ask the bitch that I just smashed to Slauson
"Hey, is you single, single
Or is your nigga in jail?

"Go ahead and tell me"